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front: (LxWxH) 75x32x32 мм rear: (LxWxH) 42x30x22 мм
передний: 53 г, задний: 22 г
Время работы фонарей:
Передний: 3 ч
Задний: 3 ч

Stay safe day or night with the RFR Light Set Tour 18 USB. Quick and easy to recharge via USB. 18 lux up front powered by a lithium-polymer battery takes the worry out of riding in the dark. An adjustable bracket and practical quick release at the rear make assembly foolproof. No tools needed at all!


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    LI-PO battery

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    water resistant

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    toolless mounting

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    STVZO zugelassen

      • STVZO zugelassen

        CUBE Bikes with this labelling fulfill all legal requirements and meet all safety demands according to the StVZO German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. Lighting systems and reflectors mounted are tested and certified accordingly. These bikes take into account every security-related detail to guarantee safe and relaxed mobility in traffic.

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    clip mounting

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RFR Lighting Set Tour 18 USB

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