CUBE's engineers have long experience working with the superb Bosch drive system – and it shows in this bike. Inspired to create something really special for 2018, they reworked the Touring Hybrid SL's frame from the ground up. All three versions – the easy entry, trapeze and classic men's – now feature optimised battery positioning, bringing the weight as low and as close to the centre of the bike as possible for improved stability, better stiffness and livelier handling. What's more, the men's and trapeze versions feature a weather-proof cover over the battery for sleek looks and to keep dirt and water out. Revised Efficient Comfort Geometry has sharpened the Touring Hybrid SL's responses whilst maintaining its reputation for implacable stability, whatever the road conditions. The integrated rack is the latest incarnation of this CUBE system, providing the lightest, strongest and stiffest possible support for carrying whatever load you need to transport from A to B. We even used our Smooth Welding technology to clean up the frame's appearance, giving the impression that one tube almost flows into the next. It's just the kind of attention to detail that you'd expect from CUBE.

Multi-Chamber Seattube

The best place for the battery is without doubt as central and as close to the bottom bracket as possible. All of our step-through frames have been designed with this in mind. Whether located behind the seat tube for added comfort or in front for a slightly sportier feel, the Multi-Chamber Seat Tube carries the added weight of the battery perfectly and absorbs rider-induced oscillations effortlessly. The secret to the incredibly rigid frame is its framework-like chamber construction, which also allows the battery to mesh into the overall design for improved integration.

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